Waste of Money. Might As Well Have Gotten Lipo

I spent $3000 on 3 ultrashape treatments. I'm 5'2...

I spent $3000 on 3 ultrashape treatments. I'm 5'2 and 120 lbs. Even when I was only 100 lbs. I always hated my tummy in proportion to my other curves. So to keep the breasts and bum that I have at 120 lbs and still feel thin I thought I'd try ultrashape.

Don't go it is a waste of money. I lost weight from dieting and exercising but my proportions are still the same so there's no way ultrashape worked. It hurt me a lot and I had to use like 2 tubes of the cooling gel. The nurse tried saying it's because I don't have enough fat which is insane cuz it hurt more below my belly button then around it.

The pulse number was very low the first treatment like 200. Second treatment they upgraded the machine and I got 400 pulses. After this treatment I had bumps on my skin from the burning of the machine. I explained how I had read that 1000 is usually the right number for lower abs and again the nurse tried telling me i don't have enough mass for that. 3rd treatment the pulses were back at even less than 200 (probably because other patients felt the same pain I had or worse).

I had a different nurse everytime and most of them couldn 't even draw an even circle around the area. Some drew smaller circles than others. One was blaming me for it not workingn enough; even though I was losing weight the inches just weren't coming off. Why? Because I tend to first lose weight in my thighs. I felt really cheated.

My girlfriend also got accent done at a differenet clinic for cellulite and that didnt work for her either. I wanted to believe in these alternative methods. I really didnt think that something that cost this much would be allowed to be on the market if not effective. I wish I had saved the money to put towards lipo - a procedure that is proven effective.

I would not do it !! I had very reputable dr who "added"
The fat grafting to surgery to reshape the tip of my nose, and he was supposed to take a "little" fat
To fill in under my eyes.
HORRIBLE experience!!! My abs look like man made cellulite!!! I am an athlete!! I do pilates yoga and run marathons! This guy ruined by beautiful abs AND the fat grafting in my face is ugly!!! It's been 7 weeks and I still have swelling!!! It's ridiculous !!! Do restilyn or juviderm bc if u don't like it u are stuck! And if
U do they say it does not last more than 6mo. 3
3mo of swelling for 6 mo of filler??? SKIP IT!! Who cares if u spent the money! U could hate it!!! Sorry!!!!
Hey there. So It's been 2 years since I tried ultrashape. After being unhappy with my results, and thinking it over like a million times- I am ready for liposuction. The 4 day countdown begins. I will be posting before and after pictures so look out if you are considering lipo as well. My doctor is extremely reputable and also specializes in fat grafting. I'm going to take full advantage of his skills and experience by trying this also. Please no negative comments or warnings at this time. I have researched this thoroughly, made my decision (already paid for). There is no turning back now and I'm nervous as it is! xo
Be careful of this procedure. I also weigh 112 am 5'1" and have a large stomache area. I look 5 months pregnant. I spent $3000 and have a 2cm reduction...big deal. I feel totally ripped off. SD
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The machine they use is awful

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