Ultrashape Didn't Work - Victoria

Did three treatments, didn't notice any change...

Did three treatments, didn't notice any change. I did eat healthy and workout Maybe it depends on where you decide on doing your treatment. I wish I would of just spent my money on a good pilates coach or have liposuction done. I think I would been happier. Save your money.

I am thinking about doing this procedure as I thought it to be effective but less invasive than lipo. I heard about all these different problems because of the lipo. Two years after and I still have about 8kg more after the pregnancy, and it is all in my belly&surrounding, and my butt.Breasts, arms and legs are still tiny as before... So, you guys think I should not waste my money on this?
Didnt work at all for me either...save your money or just get lipo for guarenteed results
Dr. Lupin (treatment tech in the office)

It was done by a tech, the doctor doesn't do the actual treatment.

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