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Belotero for Lips - Hertfordshire, UK

I have had belotero in my nasio labal folds for...

I have had belotero in my nasio labal folds for the last year, I have it done every 6 months and it works wonderfully. So, I have been thinking of lip fillers for a while. I mentioned this to the lady who does my fillers and she suggested trying a small amount with the left overs from my facial fillers to see if I like it, can tolerate the pain. She put about 0.5 -0.6 in both lips and even though I have never had big lips, they look much more defined but natural, they haven't changed shape as she only filled the middle, not lip edge and they dont look like these awful celebs.

I am so pleased with them and it wasnt painful like I thought it would be.

My advice, do your research, have it done in smaller stages to see what looks best and you decide what you want, not the person doing it.

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Just curious if you have tried any other fillers in the past and if so what is your comparison to belotero?
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Ok so an update on this. Now, this is approx 3 months later. I took the dive and had my lips injected properly after liking the results of the trial my lady did. Well, for the first week my lips were a bit ott. I looked a bit like Angelina Jolie (not good, only on Angelina perhaps). But now, I like them a lot. I hear it doesnt last long? My lady said approx 6 months, well I hope.
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I was very lucky, I have a fairly high pain threshold and it didn't upset me or hurt that much. I put a topical numbing cream on for an hour before and applied it thickly, and re applied it every 15 mins and around the lip edge. No bruising, just a bit tender afterwards. However, I hear some people freak out at it, but they should consider dental blocks if they cant tolerate pain easily.
The fullness goes down after a week or two, but this is normal with fillers.

Also, tell the person doing it exactly what you want and where to inject it. They might want to give you a bigger upper lip otherwise, and that looks unatural (I told mine to balance my lip).
I suggest people read up about the different fillers on the net and from my research, always avoid anything permanent or semi permanent- its not natural to the body, so common sense says it might cause problems!
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Thanks Glam this added info is super useful.


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GlamPuss, I'm confused as you said you have this done every six months as I heard a doctor on Oz or the Doctors say advantage is the FDA approved hyroulic acid and it last about two years. How much are they injecting in the nasial folds and what does that cost? My eyes look fine until I smile and then there are all these folds so that's what I want to address and probably first going to try light fraxal and/or IPL for skin tightening and see how that does.
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HI Glam,

Welcome to the lip augmentation community. Your picture looks great, completely natural looking. You have provided some great info for other community members. Did you have any downtime after? How long had you been thinking about having the procedure done? Please keep us updated and thanks for the picture.

Thank so much for the results,


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