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Inner Medial Thigh Lift - Scar Panic 3 months update

Ok so I decided to go and have my inner thigh lift...

Ok so I decided to go and have my inner thigh lift surgery after losing weight the gym just did not work and elastisity had gone.

I spent some time on searching the net for my consultant, i think its not the case of consultant, but I never found anything on the actual scars healing and what to expect on the results .

I am into my 7th day post op have taken the bandages of and am in a panic, I am a huge sufferer of keliod/hyper scaring, and really think there starting to go this way already. They are so thick,, I am already on stand by for silicone gel prescription, I asked to have thin nice lines inside my bikini crease as I model now and again,, I just feel butchered could this have been stiched any neater?? Can anybody help with experiences of there scars especially Medial thigh?? How it heals, what should the actual surgery result be like or am i just panicking for no reason and these will settle down to nothing

I am still awaiting come back from the surgeon, he...

I am still awaiting come back from the surgeon, he says he has never seen keloids/hyper in that area??
I have got to say I do feel quiet sick looking at them?? and im a strong surgery person.
I am now using high strength silicone gel and sheets religiously if theres anything else on the market please let me know....
P.s how quickly can I have a scar revision?? will it be under local??
Hi missmoneypenny. Your suture lines look similar to what I had on my tummy tuck, and others i've seen here on RS. It will flatten and smooth as it heals. It looks like he put multiple layers of sutures to make the suture line super-strong, which given the location and tug and pull that happens in that area, is really important. As the dissolvable sutures dissolve, the puckering you see will lessen. How is it looking now....after 2 months?
Hey Missmoney How are your scars healing up? Are you happy with your results?
It looks to me as if your surgeon just didn't do a straight suture line...he puckered you skin when closing it.

So I'm now into my 3 months post op... And just...

So I'm now into my 3 months post op... And just thought I'd let you know how it's going with these scars !! I'm still treating them twice daily with silicone gel and wearing gel sheets 24-7 its time consuming but getting on with it ...ive also heard that lemon juice directly helps lighten so I'm giving that a go too. I've seen my surgeon who was quiet hesitant not to provide cortisone injections due to the fear of the scars opening up or keloid risk. He states that I can have I scar review in 1 yr.... This I'm not happy with as clearly these scars are not in the groin crease. He also explained the stitching is done in a special way due to common openings of the wound. I did find his in house manner and post op consultant quiet 'of hand'
I personally feel fobbed off and butchered. I personally spent time with him pre op saying please do nice scars and inside my bikini area. I now go to see him in June and will push for a review with no fees!! This should have been done correctly first time round. My advice to those thinking about this op is seriously please consider , this is no op for a young woman who likes the smaller side of bikini or underwear !! The results now the skin is getting softer in the inside thigh aint great either I haven't got the wow factor... In fact I wish is never had it done !!! I have put up some pics to you decide ....
Ok I finally figured out how to post the pics. I'm so disappointed. I wish I wouldn't have done this.
How do I add pictures?
I am worried I am a week out and my scars look exactly like this will they go down?

Inner Medial Thigh Lift - 7 months post op

Ok as promised here are my 7 month results ....
I have uploaded my pictures and see for yourself if this surgery is worth it,,
I'm still using silicone scar gel daily, and wearing my lipo garment in the hope a miracle works,,and of course massage, I'm seeing my surgeon this week and do think I have will have a lot to say, my thigh lift as you will see is still rubbing together, the lipo very lumpy and my scars are not in my groin crease.....
Hi, yes I see what you mean from your pictures. Keep us updated. God Bless Evie

Anybody had Endermologie treatment for lumpy lipo???

Can anybody advise me on this treatment,, I have lumpy lipo on the thighs and have been told by my surgeon to try this treatment over massage,, is it worth it or should I await a few more months to have a thin cannula lipo remove it??

Outcome post op 7 months - Do I get a second opinion ???

I've seen my surgeon and will need the lift redoing with scar revision,, I'm very depressed about this, and so wished I'd left myself alone first time round as I'm always in trousers and hide myself away totally the opposite from what I was expecting after surgery The healing time is such a long time to go through again,,, should I really get a second opinion or seek legal advice?? I'm just so confused
Missmoneypenny, so sad for you and for me. I am 3 months post op thigh lift in groin. My scars have flattenend and healed and still very red. My inner thighs still rub when I walk too. i spent ALOT of $$$ and I just don't think this is what I expected in my mind when I had this done. iI thought my legs would be flat at the top but instead I have a smaller fat roll there. I know my PS will say I have to redo for the result I want but I am NOT willing to go through all that again. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that because there is still tenderness and numbness there hopefully its swelling. What do you think? do you know how long it takes for the swelling to COMPLETELY be gone? I put a picture on another post. My legs look like yours - actually - yours look better!
Well sorry to hear yours hasn't worked out, I went to see my PS and the thigh lift, scars and lipo will need to be redone !! I've booked again in March , but it's like you say I've put myself on hold for 9months and have gotto do this all over again !! I'm praying this works this time round but for those wanting this surgery please rethink ,,,,,, it's not as simple as a breast enhancement,,, .
I go back in January, so I guess I'll have to wait and see. Never thought I'd have to go through this twice. Its definitely not for lightwieghts that's for sure! wishing you good luck for your second go round!

9 months lipo result

Here's my lipo result ... 9 months on,,, not for the faint hearted !!!!
Hi guys I just had this done next to know pain a little burning scaring is red and lumpy but I've been told that's expected I'm 2 weeks post op didn't have any drainage tubes and finding that in my right leg I keep leaking fluid nurses and doc say its fine that it's swelling fluid but I just want it to stop it's only when I'm up and about too much have any of you had this problem and how long did it last
Hi I just had a combination arm lift and thigh lift at the same time (Dec 04, 2013). My arms are healing well so the doctor removed my stitches at 12 days. My thighs are slower he was able to remove stitches at the front bikini line and a few in the groin but he said I need to leave the overs until week 4 for removal. I guess he did not use the dissolving kind. I have lots of stinging and burning especially in the groin. It looks like a few of the stitches have broke loose and there is oozing. The rest of the area is pretty dry. I hope I don't go through what you are explaining. Luckly, my legs don't rub but they did not rub before the surgery either. The stitches are pokey and bother me a little. Stiffness is light and I am able to walk fine slowly. Sitting is not too comfortable after awhile. I actually have been pretty active beginning at about one week. Hope you see improvement soon.

Lumpy Liposuction Revision with Dr Vik Vijh - May 2014

Ok, so it's been a year now since I've been keeping you up to date on the results of my poor surgeries and after much deliberation and extensive research I decided to get a second opinion from one of the UK's leading reconstructive Surgeon Dr Vik Vijh.
Dr Vijh has a clinical professional manner to which you know your in good hands. He openly admitted that all results was in a bad way and even was concerned that I didn't hold enough fat to graft with but felt confident enough to give at least the lipo revision surgery a go, thank you god !!
I came across Dr Vik Vijh on one of his TV shows, to which he returned a lady in poor post lipo state, back to normality after 7 years of suffering. Her post lipo state was worse than mine he stated !!
I've suffered only 1 year, cried a lot, covered up and had a dying sexual relationship with my partner. 1 year is enough to destroy any healthy emotional state let alone 7 !!
Tomorrow is my revision surgery, and I'm one very nervous person right now. I know I've picked the best to this job,,
There are various links on google to see his lipo revision being carried out for the particular tv show, it's worth a watch for people just like me in this awful position.
And of course I will keep you updated on my results, but for now I will leave you with a picture of my current state.
Bye for now x
Hi I have the same problem did Dr vijay fix you??? Can you please updste us as I can't tell from you profile!! I am . so excited to hear if you've gotten your life back!!! I want mine back too!!!
Hello, have you had the revision already? Please keep us posted about the outcome of the inner thigh revision. Best of luck! :)
Good luck Penny on the revision work! Keep us posted!
Private Consultant

I have had previous surgery with the Dr and hes a great doctor, its not a case of my results as I know theres swelling there plus maximum lipo

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