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I lost 3 back teeth both sides, I had caps but...

I lost 3 back teeth both sides, I had caps but they wore out so I had the roots taken out of the right side at the beginning of this year and had two implants done. The teeth are now on and they are great. I have now had the left side roots out and my dentist has just done the two implants. I am now just waiting for them to settle in and then the teeth will go on. I have the rest of my teeth and was so upset when I lost the top back ones, but these implants are just so great. I would recommend them to anyone who has lost a tooth. They are expensive, in the UK we do not have dental insurance and have to pay private. Are a lot cheaper abroad and when I went to Mexico half the price. But I like and trust my dentist and he has done a brilliant job so I would not go anywhere else. I have put what I paid in dollars, in sterling it has come to £7800 and thats with a bridge between two of the teeth on left side due to a lack of bone.

Dr Saleh Anvaria-Aria

In my opinion a brilliant dentist at a good price.Love my implants, did not hurt, look great, no problems and worth every penny.

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Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the review. Glad to hear you found a great dentist and everything went well. Do you have pictures?



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