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I had zeltiq on on my lower abdomen 5 days ago...I...

I had zeltiq on on my lower abdomen 5 days ago...I "treated"two areas one on the left and one on the right side of my tummy....the procedure lasted two hours (one for each side) and went quite smoothly, much like my doctor decribed it would . It was uncomfortable for about ten minutes and then the cold numbs the area and its just boreing until the device is removed. When the device was removed I experienced slight pain and there was a frozen part of me sticking up an inch or so from the red treated area on my stomach.

I walked home after the procedure... I felt great.

For the next two days I was a bit sore, and noticed minor bruising and redness, but like other reviews on this site...strange pain kicked in on the third day...

The pain is VERY annoying, and can be described as a combination of burning, bee stings, itching, and pulling of the skin...I am bloated and it feels like i'm so swollen that my skin is too small for my stomach...I haven't felt the "pins and needles" my doctor described. I HURT especially where my skin is in contact with clothing. If I bent over to tie my shoes I almost shed a tear.

The pain is not incapacitateing but very disturbing and has definately effected my routine.

Luckily I read other reviews on this sight and knew that these side effects we're a possibility and what to expect otherwise I would be frealing out !

I feel that it is important for doctors and the Zeltiq website should have provided more information as to the possibility of post procedure pain. I assume the pain is no where near the pain involved in other procedures like liposcution, but people should be informed of the possibility of major discomfort.

In any case I hope it works and hope to give a thumbs up review in two or three months !!!!

Day 15... I'm definitely out of the woods......

Day 15...

I'm definitely out of the woods....still a bit tender and swollen...but compared to last week, I feel great !

It has been one month since my procedure and I'm...

It has been one month since my procedure and I'm starting to notice some slight changes...the treated area is a bit more flat already !
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Hi cc529,

Thnk you for your message,

Hang in there ...day 6 was the worse day for me ...it gets better ! I'm on day 14 and still there is still some discomfort and a bit of itchiness but definately better than the first week.
At least it doesn't hurt to wear clothes : )

The things that helped me the most were warm baths, and laying down on my back, sometimes with a pillow on my stomach and my arms over the pillow ( I know that sound weird because it hurt to touch my stomach.....but for some reason the slight pressure of the pillow helped the pain )

a doctor friend prescribed a pain reliver Parcacodol...which took the edge off during the worse days...(days6-10)

Hopfully we will forget about the suffering when we see the results !
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Redandblue I know exactly what you mean. I'm on day 6 and can't focus on anything else because the pain is super annoying! If a breeze or gust of air rub across my burning skin i'm in pain. I really cant wait to get to the 2 week mark. Let us know how it goes.
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Welcome to RealSelf, redandblue. How's your recovery going so far?

Looking forward to reading your updates!

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Hello Sharon !

Its been one week since I had the procedure. Yesterday (day 6) was the worse day so far. It was just really hard...my belly hurt when I bent over or took stairs, my skin felt like it was burning when my clothing brushed against it...I left work a bit early.

However, this morning I woke uo (I had to take a sleeping pill last night) and felt a bit better. I think I'm passing from the painfull phase to the oddly uncomfortable stage. I hope the worse is over. The good news is that I was in so much pain that I haven't had any appetite and may even loose a kilo or two : )
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Well hopefully the worst is over now. It's surprising how much pain some people get with CoolSculpting. Kinda scares me, tbh. :-S

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I think that the worst IS over....I'm at the end of day 10 and I still feel pain but it is getting better.

I really hope that most people don't experience the pain I have felt. I wonder if there is some sort of study that shows a percentage of people who have had the kind of reaction I'm haveing.

I can't wait to be able to update and say..."no more pain, just waiting for results " : )
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