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Hello ...i had a BR last August after years of...

Hello ...i had a BR last August after years of enduring back and neck pain .I was at the time a 30gg and was replused by them so decided that once and for all at the grand age of 45 i would have them reduced.Luckly i didnot have to fund it myself as i was considered a good candidate for the procedure.Can i just say at this point that i have no regrets whatsover and that date will always be significant to me as invariably it saved my life.This is not a posting to scare you within an inch of you're life but merely a suggestion that should they offer to do a biopsy of the tissue they remove that you answer with a resounding yes or even to suggest it yourself.I was found to have ealy stages of breast cancer and have successfully been treated. My moto is just do it regrets just get all the right info on the surgeon first.Lastly it is not for the faint hearted but will so be worth it!!

There was a stage that I felt the same & did exactly what you did with the old bra ... But the true is they are smaller than they were and I don't have spillage like I used to but they still feel heavy some day's but visually they look better with what I wear though to be fair I still can't have an off the peg bra or swimwear... I have resigned myself to the fact that I shall alway's have boob's but at least for my frame they seem more normal... & no I wouldn't go through it again I think my husband would leave me!!
I don't think I would go through the surgery again either. It's not the pain or anything, just the disruption it was to my life. And like you I feel that I'm much better than I was and very happy that I did it, even if I'm not as small as I would have liked.
The crazy thing is that when I first came out of surgery they seemed small, but even as the swelling went down they never seemed to get any smaller. I was an H cup and now at 6 months I'm a full you I guess. I put on one of my old bras the other day and I could actually wear it if I had to and it wouldn't seem that big on me. That is kind of depressing. I am going to go in on the 23rd of this month and have some lipo done to my breasts to try to shrink them a little more. I am more comfortable and it is nice that they are closer to my shoulders than my hips, but it still isn't easy to find a bra.
My husband always said he was supportive of me doing it...right up until I actually made the consult appointment...that it when he suddenly got "concerned for me" However he doesn't have any problem with it now. How does your husband feel now?
Have you talked to your surgeon? Would you be willing to go through the surgery again? I have read that some women have grown after their initial surgery, but after having a second one they remained that size. Lots to think about.
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Although he was slightly arrogant he was a fantastic consultant and the results are brilliant and the after care was a thumbs up there.

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