Severe Rippling/wrinkling of Silicone Implants 2 Weeks After Surgery with Constant Pain in my Left Boob Which is Rippling Most.

I went to see my surgeon yesterday following 2...

I went to see my surgeon yesterday following 2 weeks of severe pain and lumps in my breasts. He said he doesnt know why there is so much pain. He told me the lumps were rippling in the implants and theres nothing I can do about it so I am gutted.

I had to have the implant above the muscle which is a shame. I can feel the wrinkled up implants in my boob like crushed paper,with the slightest touch and I think it is becoming more visible. I am gonna give it a month and if things are still bad then I will look at getting them removed.

PLEASE can anyone advise me as my surgeon just seemed to want to turf me out of the room. I am very unhappy and want to get this resolved.

After doing a fair bit of research I think my surgeon (given that I am slender and he could see I had little breast tissue beforehand) could have advised me to have smooth surfaced silicone implant instead which has less chance of rippling. My implants are crinkling in and out all the time and it is causing soooo much pain and the pain doesnt go.

I am very upset - can anyone advise me - shall I get a different surgeon to advise me. Surely it cant be permanent/uncorrectional and leaving me with the only option of Explanting :(

Pros - fuller looking breasts - chance of success,...

Pros - fuller looking breasts - chance of success, cons for me, riplling and pain well after that which is naturally expected following proceedure. To improve my sagging breasts

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The back of a breast implant is FLAT and the surgeon must ensure that whole of the back of the implant is laid flat on the chest wall and not slightly skewed. Otherwise, some degree of rippling will result. Rippling can also result if an adhesion (an overgrowth of scar tissue in one region) forms between the implant and an area of injured tissue (eg. incision lines or drainage incision site). Textured implants stay put because of tissue ingrowth - that's great if the implant is well placed to begin with. Further surgery would be required to correct an implant that is not sitting flat, or to release a localised adhesion that may be pulling on an area of the implant and causing rippling. Rippling is a complication but not an uncorrectable one. If you play with an implant on a table, you can easily see how rippling can result from skewed placement. I happen to have my old ones (Mentor textured 350cc teardrop gel). Perhaps I should post photos for everyone else to have a closer look.
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I probably overlooked it, but what size/type implants do you have? I had smooth, round silicone and my rippling was still severe, the entire top of the one of my implants had "waves" in it and severe rippling underneath.(did you view pics?) After 5 or 6 months, it did get noticeably better, I don't know if scar tissue made it show less or what,but definately improved a little. As far as pain, I finally saw a pain specialist 6 months post op and he prescribed a medication that was a God-Send. I had done nothing for 6 months because every move hurt so bad. The medication was Gabapentin (generic name, a nerve pain medication) You slowly have to build it up in your system and at 1200mg a day it really started to work. At about 8 months post op I had almost no pain. You might talk to your doctor about it.It sounds like your surgeon is in denial, I had the same response from mine.He kept blowing me off (he kept telling me breasts looked great) so I went to another surgeon for a second opinion. It was a very odd appt.,he wanted nothing to do with fixing them. He basically told me nothing could be done until at least 6 months post op so off with you. He didn't suggest making an appointment for 6 months later, I think he didn't want to touch the mess he examined. Mine were so rippled and screwed up I finally had an MRI because I was sure one must have been leaking causing the deformities and wrinkling. The only conclusion that came out of that was that one of them appeared to be underfilled (they were smooth, round silicone, 390mg)which would mean that it was defective from the get go. My surgeon said that was rediculous. At 8 months post op I had mine replaced with larger high profile implants instead of just round smooth (higher profile's are narrower and have more projection) and at 3 months post op, almost no rippling. I think I would have been better off with smaller, mid profile implants as they are now to big and very heavy but they look 100% better than they did. If I had the redo to do over again, I would INSIST on putting them under the muscle, the chances of rippling are lower and the contracture rate is lower) Based on my own experience, I would give it a little more time to see if the rippling improves or not. I had crazy sloshing sounds and progressive rippling for the first 3 months and I think as the pocket formed and some scar tissue built up around the implants and it helped a little bit. My implants definately looked better at 8 months than 3 months. I hope it all works out for you. GOOD LUCK!
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What an honest, thorough, detailed response. Well done! Sounds like your smooth implants rolled in the breast and ended up very skewed with major rippling. If its going to happen, this is most likely to happen in the first ten days before the tissues have settled around the implant enough to keep them put. I think over (or under) dissection is more of a causative issue than over or under muscle placement, and especially if the patient does not refrain from activities involving the pec and chest wall muscles for the first ten days - lifting and sweeping are no-nos (make sure your children & housework is looked after by someone else in this 10 day period). Strenuous work-outs or movements of nature should be avoided.
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Could I just ask,I have slight rippling,I'm 6 months post op,I can feel them on my right breast,this was the bigger implant,I had mine over my muscle,he advised me of this for a more natural look! I'm hoping it won't get worse!? Did you have to pay again to have your implants corrected?! Thanks
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I'm so sorry to hear about the problems you're having. I don't think it can hurt to go get a second opinion. Have a consultation with a different doctor and see what s/he says. They might have a much better solution for you. Good luck and please keep us updated.

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