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I am currently 11 days post op and still waiting...

I am currently 11 days post op and still waiting to see results i think im still very swollen. I had lipo of flanks, stomach and inner and outer thighs removed. It came to just 300cc per buttock.

My advice to anybody without significant fat to transfer dont get it done its not worth it- im already thinkin of getting implants i wish i had just gone down this route. Im hoping after the swelling goes ill have a nice hourglass shape to my waist and hips at the very least. I suppose ill have to wait and see :)

Oh and this procedure was completely pain free for me didnt take any painkillers at all slight discomfort for few days and bruisig but def not as bad as i thought.


hey how are you doing so far?
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hey can you tell me your weight and height so i can measure your bmi? also can you send me ur before and after pictures? thanks in advance
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Dont have any b4 pics will take a few pics and post them soon. Im 5'10 168lbs 42-28-42 so i thought id have more fat. 300cc each side isnt alot 2 make a difference. I think this procedure is just 4 people with alot of excess weight cos they always get a great result! Gud luck :)
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