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Bad Smile - United Kingdom

I have had botox 4 times now. three in the...

I have had botox 4 times now.
three in the forehead and once around the eyes.
The forehead fine but when i had this a round the eyes approx 5 weeks ago god i look terriable when i smile.
My friends noticed there was something different.
My face has dropted slighly making my face look odd.
So i understand what you are all going though.
I would never have this done again around the eyes.
been to my doctor and they have told me to massage my face daily.
i am going back tomorrow as there has been no inprovement.
So worried i will stay like this.
I can smile it looks so bad.

Hi donna,

Unfortunately you are not alone with problems around the eyes after injection. A number of doctors actually don't even recommend it around the eyes due to complications you are facing. How did you doctors appointment go, did they provide any help or update? 



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