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I've had 2 times an active fx / deep fx...

I've had 2 times an active fx / deep fx treatment. After the first treatment there was a little but obvious improvement. After the second treatment, one year later, my skin really improved much, it looked baby new, especially in the first months, but after a few months the beautiful skin does gradually loose the new freshness. However there remains an improvement.

I think the result all depends on how strong the laser treatment is. My second one was stronger than my first one. My face looked a bit red for months, especially in warm environments ( like if you're going to the gym, go in a warm club or whatever) it really looked to red and unhealthy, for about 5 months !!!

HOWEVER: i really have a little pigmentation issue, already started after my first treatment, i always wear a sunblock. Both times i had fx in the winter time. To cover the pigmentation i do camouflage it a little, then everything is fine.

AND somehow i did got a few deeper (not so pretty) wrinkles than before, but my skin got definitely more tight and fresh, but because you'r skin is so fragile, new deep wrinkles can form .

But despite this all, it was worth it.

Because i want my review to be genuine, i decided to give no information about who my doctor is.

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Hi PTR, 

Yes, other community members have mentioned the major need for sunscreen after having a laser treatment. What type of pigmentation issues did you have? 



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