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Im 15 years old boy and i have been suffering from...

im 15 years old boy and i have been suffering from acne since i was 14.my acne was mainly on my both cheeks and a bit painful. during this one year i tried every over the counter medecions you name it; form lotions to tablets. i coulnt go out or play my favorite sport just becuse of my acne. after suffering alot from it my GP referd me to dermatologist on 24th of april 2013 and got my appoitment on 13th of june 2013. it was such a long wait. finally when i got to see my dermatologist he immediately prescribed me Accutane (20mg) per day. in the first two weeks there wasn't much different in my skin but after that my skin slowly started to get a bit clear and the only side effect were dry lips i mean extremely dry lips and dry eyes. after taking Accutane for one month and 18 days, today i had another appointment with my dermatologist and he know raised my dosage to 40mg per day which im quite happy to take it and hopefully my skin will start to improve.
Overall during that one and half month my skin was doing well only a few scars around my cheeks. so when my course is finished i will uplode before and after pictures :)

** if your a planing to go on it, please go for it it worth a lot and your life will be completely changed!!!!
Can somebody help me with this !!!! so recently i have heard some where that Acctuane stunts your growth ??? is this true!! i researched a lot and found mixed review with no back up evidence???

I posted this question in our Q&A section so we can hear some opinions from the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf. It usually takes 24-48 hours for them to start posting.

Does Accutane Stunt Your Growth?


So glad you started your story. I will be hoping that you do well on the 40mg. Is your doctor having you participate in the iPledge program? I'm not sure if that is only a U.S. thing, or if its done in the U.K. as well.

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