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Accutane review - United Kingdom, GB

About to start taking it tomorrow, feeling...

about to start taking it tomorrow, feeling nervous!
have been given 30mg to start with.
very nervous about the side affects, and went to buy lots of supplies, moisturisers etc.
also aiming to keep a healthy diet so lots of fruit was also bought to today....


Good for you for stocking up on what you need and deciding to move towards a healthier diet! So how did day 1 go?? I'm assuming its too early to notice anything, but I know psychologically/emotionally taking that first pill can seem like a lot.

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I've now been on accutane for about a week, and i...

I've now been on accutane for about a week, and i have noticed my lips are really dry, and i have dry skin on my face, my spots have improved though which is good!
even moisturiser irritates my skin a little so have put almond oil on my face for the past few days although i have to go back to college tomorrow so wont be able to go in with a really oily looking face!
i have been moisturising regularly though and there isn't any dry skin anywhere else other than my face and lips.
i have been getting dry eyes which i have got some eye drops for, they don't feel too bad.
since starting the treatment i have got a few headaches nothing too bad though.


day 1 was okay, i did lose my appetite for a few days, this was probably psychological though!

Ah, yeah, that's understandable when you are nervous about something to not feel like eating much. I read your update about all the dryness. I'm sure you are, but make sure you are drinking lots of water, especially as the weather warms up. :)

Hope your first day back at school goes great!!

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