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I expect my butt to appear smooth and leveled,...

i expect my butt to appear smooth and leveled, with out depressions which make me very conscious with what i wear and very uncomfortable in the bedroom. i have never had plastic surgery or even met some one who has done it before. But i have watched very many videos and read a lot about it. I am not even sure its done in my country because i have met one Dr but there is no history of him on the internet in that field nor have i met any of his patients. So i was considering traveling to Nirobi, Kenya because i have heard of Dr. Pacholi (Avane Clinic). He is said to be very good, of the few that we have in East Africa.
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Welcome to RS ! Wow Africa! Our motherland ! Beautiful country I love it! And can't wait to take my daughter! Open up new territory my susta and enjoy your journey! Best wishes!
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