Time Will Tell

I just had profractional full face two days ago so...

I just had profractional full face two days ago so it's too early to form an opinion on the outcome. I will say that the areas where he did a lighter resurfacing was quite tolerable and just looks like a bad sunburn. He did several deeper spots though that were alot more painful than anticipated. They basically look like burn holes all over my face right now. They are quite sore and oozing. I will update my experience once I have more healing time. I definately won't be leaving the house for a while.


There's a DR. That was practicing in NY that they call Dr. burns because he uses the smart lipo and goes to close to the surface skin and burns durning lipo. He was banned from NY practice
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Oh wow. I think a lot of people have total trust in doctors just because they are doctors, but there are some in practice that probably should not be. The trick for consumers is figuring out which ones they are. It's a good talk show topic.
Alese so sorry about you experience sounds like laser burns
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