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I had a laser treatment on my eye brows 4 years...

I had a laser treatment on my eye brows 4 years back,,it was meant to be just cleaning so i don't have to thread it every 3 weeks.but the dotor simply just destroyed my eyebrows shape,,it never grows back,,it looks bad,and now I had to shape it with make up everyday.am so depressed since that time,,regret it and it affects my appearance even after correction with makeup,and I hate make up.Plus my eyeled surface is never smooth like before .what shall i do,,tried many methods to grow them back but did not work,shall i go for the feathering eyebrows tattoos?am so scared to regret it back specially mine is black and its not recommended to make black tattoos as black color changes.
its really affecting me,specially i had a perfect eyebrows earlier where people used to admire.


why not going to Beverly hills for such things? Or have you ever considered Italy France Switzerland? Germany as well . In Muenich they have very good permanenet arstists or in Berlin Germany??? Sorry about all the mess they created. I also need permanent eyebrows, since till the age of 54 I could still twiz the extra ones, but I didn't know , that at a certain age ( if you have pulled more than you should, which I have ) they won't grow back anymore . So now I would have to implant some eyebrows, made out of real hair, yet nowhere else but France Switzerland or Italy. That's going to coast , but I know that, they will do an accurate and beautiful job. I am from Italy, but also have a residency in Germany and I can be in Switzerland or France in about 4 hrs. drive . Italy, there I would fly.. its a little farther from Germany, depending where in Germany are you located ! I am so very sorry !!
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