Abnormal Skin Swelling Less Than 1 Week Post Op - United Arab Emirates

Hello I just had bilateral arm lift in 4th of...

I just had bilateral arm lift in 4th of feb
With bl breast implant revision
Since the surgery my right arm is painful than the left arm. I went home 3 days after the surgery.

Since 2 days I could nt sleep mainly from the staping pain I've on back of my right shoulder and I notes a swelling the this semillar to burn?! But its more to a blood and its getting darker . Also I've the same swelling under my arm pit .. I've an appt with the ps this coming tuesday.

Does any body know what's this ? Shall I go tomorrow to the ED or just wait?
I'm very sad becuase its really affecting my sleep and ability to rest

Thank you

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Hi I haven't had an armlift, but I have just had my thighs lifted and lipo done. What i can see in your photo is the same thing i had on my inside calf where there was a stitch put where they did lipo around my knees. I had 2 blood blisters on each leg....yes, they are blisters. Apparently when they put the sticky dressing on over the stitch, when we swell up it pulls the skin and produces blisters. Mine were sore and itchy. I am thinking this is what you have as it looks the same. Let me know what your doc says.
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