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I had VASER lipo on my stomach, hips, and back....

I had VASER lipo on my stomach, hips, and back. The initial recovery went ok - not much pain or bruising. BUT...after 6 weeks I haven't seen any change. I am carrying about 45 extra pounds so I expected to see a significant difference (not ripped abs but a real change). I found the experience very disappointing.

Week 10: I talked to my doctor and he agreed to go...

Week 10: I talked to my doctor and he agreed to go back and try again for better results. I'll post new pictures before and after the second surgery.
Dr Palumbo

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It appears that your Dr. was NOT board certified. This makes me sad, I wish more consumers knew what to look for and stopped going to NON-board certified Dr.s. Please, please, please do your homework!
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Hi! Did you happen to have revision with the same doctor. I was wondering how are you doing now. Are seeing result after those months?
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U arent supposed to see changes for months with lipo i thought?
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I have a follow-up appointment in a week and I will see what the doc says. The one good thing that has come out of this is that I have been dieting quite faithfully and have lost a pound a week since the doc explained that if I were to gain weight after having fat removed that it would come back in a less natural distribution.
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That is terrible, I went to see that doctor but luckily never went trough with the procedure instead I went to the building next door with Doctor Widder and he is great! He has lots of experience on this. I would talk to Dr. Palumbo and ask for revision or some type of credit back!
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Thats ridiculous you paid that much and have no results! If thats your before and after then that doctor ought to be ashamed!
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Hey there, thanks for sharing your experience with us, I'm sorry you haven't seen the results you were hoping for. I have read that results can take up to six months to come through, but obviously it's different for each individual. Have you spoken to your doctor about your expectations and results?

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I'm in the same boat as you. 6 weeks post op for lipo on the stomach and love handles and I see no real result.

I knew it as soon as I got back to my room in the hospital and there was a plastic canister with what they had taken out of me. It was a really small amount of fat.

They took more out of Louis Theroux and he is much, much leaner than I am.

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Oh bummer :( I'm sorry that happened. Have you asked about revisions?
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