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Hi. Just need to chat to someone regarding pip...

Hi. Just need to chat to someone regarding pip silicone implant removal, as at the moment I'm feeling a little scared. I had implants 15 years ago aged 25 as at the time I had low self esteem. Friends and even strangers used to joke about me not having any breasts so I was determined to have breast implants. I’m 5 feet 7 inches tall and 147lbs so not thin but I was 38 AA cup. I have to admit that I was overjoyed with my new C cup. It has brought me confidence and I felt feminine and in proportion and overall I have had no problems. Now that has changed. I received PIP silicone implants and as you probably know, these implants are faulty and have to be removed. I realise how stupid and vain I have been just to look “in proportion”. I want to live a long healthy life for my young daughter and family and want my implants removed as soon as possible. I have contacted the hospital and they are arranging an appointment to see the cosmetic consultant who will remove and replace the implants, if I do so wish, free. However reading your stories has given me the confidence to not replace the implants. However, I’m feeling scared. What will happen to my breasts without implants? I have seen your photographs and they look fantastic but what will mine look like? I had little breast tissue before and they have stretched with the implants. What will happen to me? Will I go back to that shy person who never took her big baggy jumper off and always stood at the back? It’s a comfort to read your experiences and to know that I am not the only one going through this.

hi, I had my implants put in at age 24 and for pretty much the same reasons as you... teased at school, joked about by friends and even a boyfriend who cheated on me with a large breasted woman. pig! Anyway I made the sad decision so have my beautifull, small and perfectly formed breasts enlarged and filled with silicone sacks - in the hope that it would make me normal. I went from a 32AA to a 32C. Cant say that I ever really loved them though. They just felt and looked so unnatural. And I have always been worried about the health implications. Mine were PIP too.

And so I had them removed yesterday!!! And yes they are small, but I am already falling in love with them. I look so much slimmer!!!!! havent weighed myself yet but that will be funny. Am hoping to put some pictures up later.

When I had my breasts enlarged, it was very fashionable to have 'big' ones - Pamela Anderson was very in. I think thanks to beautiful women like Keira Knightly, Kate Moss etc it is so much more acceptable to have small breasts...

In fact I think that I can honestly say that I would much rather be a small breasted woman that a large (natural) breasted woman.

Of course we are all different and everyone will make the decision that is right for them. I am very happy with mine. I hope that you will be happy with what ever decision you make too - even if you have them replaced. xx
hi there, I will be getting my implants removed in three wks. After having them for 12 yrs..I was a very small 32A CUP, and after feeding three children struggled to get a bra that fit ! now a 32D with implants I too am very worried re what they will look like ! But after having a good look in the shops I have seen that the range of bras for the smaller bust is so much better than what it was 12 yrs ago. You can get the most amazing padded bras now, loads more choice !! I work mostly alongside men so as you can imagine I am worried they will notice and say somethink, Ive started to wear baggy jumpers already..Your health is more important,I think the PIP scare has made us all realise just how little we really know, Although mine are the Mcghan implants and I have Capsular Contracture in my left, I feel the worry and stress of more replacements is not worth it ...not just that since searching on the net ive come across women that have had other medical issues (autoimmune disorders) and yes... all the same symptoms and tests that ive been having for the last 5/6 yrs.. too much of a coincidence for my liking ! I will be putting my story and pictures on when I have had the opp ! So you must do what is best for you. :0)

I'm so glad your found us and that the breast implant removal stories have been inspiring! Please don't berate yourself for getting implants when you were in your twenties. It's something many of us would have done. Something many of us HAVE done. I'm really sorry you were given the faulty implants, but glad you are able to get them removed for free!

You can always have them removed and, if you really don't like the results, have new ones put in at a later date (not sure if that would be free, of course).

You're older and wiser now and there's a good chance that your self worth isn't as tied up in your chest size as it once was. Hopefully this won't affect your self esteem and will just be a minor annoyance, if anything.

You might want to check out this lady's PIP implant removal story. As well as this forum post on ways to look like you have bigger breasts than you really do. Some of us just have to fake it! :0)

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