Wound Under the Eye and Upper Eyelid – Tyler, TX

I underwent lumenis CO2 laser 9 days ago, on the...

I underwent lumenis CO2 laser 9 days ago, on the 7th day when I was drying my face the towel got caught on the crust and it made the crust bleed. The area is still tender and i've been putting vaseline religiously. Will the crust/scab fall off when the wound is healed or should i take it off? Should i be concerned with sarring? Same condition with upper eyelid on the left eye.
Hi, I had the same thing with my CO2 laser and it got much worse before it got better. It seemed to spread and I ended up with 5 spots. You need to put an antibiotic ointment on your spots along with the vaseline. (I used aquaphor) Keep it moist. I also needed antibiotics for my sores to go away. Definitely go to your Doctor.
Thank you for your review :) I know scabs are frustrating and super hard not to pick at but it's important that you don't, now I am no medical expert but I do know that the body forms a scab a a barrier to protect from infection and to aid in healing. Once your skin is healed your scab will naturally fall off. You should also follow up with your Doctor and see if maybe you should be using something other than Vaseline for aftercare, or is that what was prescribed? 
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