Can Crows Feet Dysport Cause Lashes to Fall Out? - Texas, TX

I've been getting Dysport in my crow's feet. Not...

I've been getting Dysport in my crow's feet. Not often, maybe every 6 months for the last 3 years. Recently I've lost about half my lashes. I'm trying to rule things out. I am not sure I like Dysport, I usually have to go back after 2 weeks for a touch up and then it lasts only about 2 months. It does work fast, but doesn't last.

I did not lose lashes, however, my right eyebrow is really messed up, there is a big gap between hairs and it is NOT growing back!

I don't remember reading anyone else mentioning losing lashes as a result of Dysport use, but it will certainly be interest to see if anyone else comments that they have had a similar experience. Have you tried either of the alternatives (Botox or Xeomin)?

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