Two Infections in a Row

I received a Breast Lift and Augmentation 10/08. I...

I received a Breast Lift and Augmentation 10/08. I contracted a severe infection in my left breast. The implant has to be removed to be removed. I waited 5 Months to get my breast done again. It was done 4/3/09. Again I contracted an infection. I don't understand what is happening.

My right breast is perfect. I am not a smoker, I am healthy. My Dr had cultures taken and tested and all the bacteria before the new implant came back negative. I do live in a smaller town. Maybe they have never experienced this before. My PS has had only 3 breast infected patients in 28 years of his experience.

Could I just carry a rare bacteria that rejects? Please help, I only have 1 breast a DD and barley a B.

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where did you get the implants at? i cant recall any plastic surgeons that do a BA in Hudson (my hometown) but if they are im not surprised it happened. Hudson is a very small town, there arent many good doctors there. Ive witnessed many doctors not following many safety guidelines in surgeries and outpatient procedures. Im sorry you experience was not good. Please let us know of the doctors name though.
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Did you ever find out who the doctor was in Hudson, FL. I am thinking about going to Dr. E in Hudson, fl? any information on him? thanks,Steph

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