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You don't need an MD to perform this procedure...

You don't need an MD to perform this procedure. I'm an RN with extensive cosmetic procedure experience so I know what to expect.

The clinician did my entire face, around my eyes, jawline, mouth and neck today. The cooling gel is goopy and dripped into my hair and my face feels tight and a little red but it is going away.

I have very thin skin with lots of sun damage at age 52. I am a total junkie when it comes to beaty treatments and had a coupon for this clinic. Even if over time the results are not as advertised I can already see big improvements in texture, less to no wrinkles and my skin feels clean and healthy.


How are your results now? Would you please share the name of your doc?

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I'm looking into this and wares to know who you went to for your Thermage treatments. I've been shopping around and since you had such great results I'd love to visit the place. Thanks for the info!
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Hi Haunted,

Welcome tot he Thermage community. I'm glad the procedure worked so well for you, and your info is useful especially since you are in the Med field yourself. Did you have any pain or downtime from the procedure? Are you going to continue to get this procedure done in the future? Please keep us updated and we would love to see pictures if you have them.

Thanks so much for the review,


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