Turned into a Freak

First I had Fraxel laser which really ruined my...

First I had Fraxel laser which really ruined my face. I went for wrinkles above my lip and it turned my face to mush. Now I have nasolabial folds and sagging jowls. So I went back and she suggested Juverderm and did it for free.

O my God what a nightmare. Nine days and I am still back and blue . Also the nasolabial folds are so puffy and look horrible and now my right check looks sunken in. I have been turned into a freak. The more she does the worst I look. Keep away from Fraxel laser and Juverderm.


I have bad results with Juvederm & Restylene for wrinkles above the lips, however, there is a liquid that can disolve the product under your skin, also eventually it will go down. Consult another Dr. and stay away from the sun!
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anyone compared restylane w juvederm w evolence?
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i love juvederm. it makes me look 10 years younger. your claims sound crazy!
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