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Hello all, I had my breast reduction surgery one...

Hello all,
I had my breast reduction surgery one month ago. My left breast was larger than my right breast and I used to wear D cup and by breast turned to be saggy after breastfeeding. I always had trouble finding swim suit and had trouble with the asymmetry. After breastfeeding I was very certain that I should have a breast reduction operation. I am pretty happy with the results but there is still an asymmetry and I am waiting to see if there is going to be any change after a while. My doctor told me he took out larger amount of tissue from the big one and the swelling is more on that one. I wonder is there anyone having the same trouble? I would really appreciate it if you share your experiences.


Welcome to the community.  

Most people have one breast that can be slightly different than the other.  I also notice that with my reduction results.  But it is slight and I don't even notice it in clothing.  You will also have some swelling at this point which will also settle down in time.

Hand in there and continue healing:)  Keep us up to date.

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