33 Yr Old Mum of 2, 36G to a 34C - Implant Removal, Reduction and Uplift - Turkey

Well I had a breast Augmentation in Brussels back...

Well I had a breast Augmentation in Brussels back in 2005 after I had my daughter.
I went to a nice full 34D. After another child, weight gain and weight loss I'm currently 36G. I have terrible dints in my shoulders, feel uncomfortable in my clothes and restricted with the fitness I want to do. So basically I've booked to go to Revitalise in Turkey with Dr Cenk Tokat. so in 3 weeks it will all be over and done with. Cost is only £3000


I'm sorry you're dealing with so much discomfort! Thanks for starting your story and I hope you'll keep us updated. We are here for you.
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Cant wait to hear more of your story. :) x
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9 days till I go!

So I set off for Revitalise in turkey in 9 days time. Starting to sink in a bit now. Still a bit nervous about travelling back alone, but hopefully it won't be too bad.


I'm going to be going it alone, too, and have some fears about that. God will be with me and is with you. Sending you positive energy and I'll will be with you in spirit. Needtoheal
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Well guys, I flew to Turkey on Saturday night. I was terrified that there would be no one to collect me, and I'd end up staying in a caravan! But once outside the terminal a guy was waiting with a board with revitalise in turkey and a name board. He shook my hand and took my bag. We arrived at the villa to be welcomed by Teona. It feels like someone's house at first. There was a couple girls talking downstairs. I went to my room which was basic but nice, clean and fresh. Teona came and talked to me and made me feel very at home. She cooked me some food, and I sat and talked to the other girls.

Huge relief and very happy to be here now. Anyone considering revitalise should do it. Surgery is tomorrow so will update again


So how did they turn out?????
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