Wavy and Dents and Lump

I had 7 months ago lipo on belly and inner thighs....

I had 7 months ago lipo on belly and inner thighs. I now have a big dent and a big lump right from the belly button. Also one of my inner thighs has a dent in and is wavy. After 7 months it is still there. Can this be corrected or will it disappear after another half year? Is this because the surgeon was inattentive? Also I noticed that I had very little fluid loss after the procedure. Is normal?

Hi...I am almost 4 months post op and am experiencing waviness on my inner thighs and dents in my outer. Did yours ever get better? Did you need to get a revision? Any response would be greatly appreciated!!
No-uneven lumps and bumps are not going to resolve-your final results should be around the 3-4 month mark. Sounds like your Dr. did not do a good job leaving you with bad results. I would go see another Dr or 3 and get other opinions.
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lipo not done evenly

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