Excess Skin After Bletharoplasty

I've had baggy eyelids since my 20's and now that...

I've had baggy eyelids since my 20's and now that I'm in my 40's decided that I wanted to have a more youthful appearance and wear eyeshadow again.

I had upper eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago and I still have a fold of skin under the top incision line and my eyelid crease, most of my swelling seems to have gone and I'm now worried that the surgeon didn't remove enough skin during surgery. My eyes look worse than before surgery as, even though my eyelid was very saggy and baggy, the fold of skin looks worse.
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i think my result will be the same. (look for my review & pics tomorrow) What did you finally so? did you get them redone?
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I think after 2 weeks it is two soon...however you do look younger in your second pic. i can see an inprovement!
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Why do people always think being born with baggy eyes is bad. Many sexy woman are born with baggy eyes. Baggy eyes can be sexy until you get old and they become too baggy. I would say your doctor took off too much. If he took off more you would have bug eyes. Look at photos from your younger days. I'm sure your eyes looked okay if not pretty good back then. I can only hope stepped back and mentally pictured what you'll look like after all the excess is cut off.
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Hi Where in Turkey was it? 2 weeks is not long ago. It takes much longer to settle down. Wait and see the subtle changes. It will get better. I def would not do anything with the under eye lid, that is tight enough. There is still swelling which pulls the lower eyelid down. Like I said healing needs time.
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Hmmm. I would agree with you that the surgeon may not have taken enough skin. I do see the fold of skin you are referring to. I'd get a second opinion and even a third opinion from other ocuoplastic surgeons (who specialize on the eye area alone) before you make any decisions. I think you get what you pay for and the eyes is not something to skimp on. Go for the BEST.
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Thanks I think you are right about getting a second opinion, although I do have to say that my eyes are definitely getting better, I do still think a little more skin could have been removed. As for the price, in this country that price is actually double the price of any other hospital, and at a very exclusive private hospital in Bodrum and with the top cosmetic surgeon, all I can hope is that my eyes continue to get better and turns out ok in the end, fingers crossed.
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