Lollipop Breast Lift Augmentation and Results - Tunisia

Hello doctors please i need your help !!i had a...

hello doctors please i need your help !!i had a lollipop lift breast with augmentation ( implants 350cc meduim profil 13cm diam+4cm projection )

so i'm now day 30 after my surgery and i'm scared cauz my breast look very ugly and very flat and more larger then projection !! i need to know if i wear a good push up Bra will help me to have a sexy shape ??? what style of bra will help to increase q sexiest shape !! thanks

Hi there,

I'm sorry you're not happy with your breast implant results. If you want to get your concern in front of doctors, head over to RealSelf's doctor Q&A community and post your question there. You should get responses with a day or two.

Good luck and please let us know how this plays out!

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