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I am 10days' post-opfrom having my Tummy-tuck done...

I am 10days' post-opfrom having my Tummy-tuck done. I am just now starting to see somewhat of what I HOPE, my tummy is going to form into. I am filled still, with so much fluid (drains' still attached), and the swelling I ws told, will get worse before better. I am hoping that is what I am seeing right now. My Stomach, right now...looks nothing as I mentally anticipated. But....I see a HUGE improvement. My Stretchmarks from my pregnancy (10yrs.ago) are still there, alittle more faint, and I still have love-handles, as if those were NEVER touched! I was told he would pull down and in. I question if that was really done. But...I am still in the very early healing stage process. The pain was horrid! And...I spent soooooo much time researching the procedure, and finding the "top Doc" than I did putting any effort into the post-op. I regret that now, that is as important! I have been off work 9 day's now, with the intention on going back lightly, on my 10th day. I have been ordered to take an extra 7 day's off.


HI, I am going for a second consultation in Cincinnati soon and was hoping you could email me an update. Are you happier with your results? Since, we are in the same area, I was wondering if you had names of surgeons that you would recommend. Thanks.
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who did your surgery and do you have pictures
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can you send me the name of the place and doctor that did your procedure? Thanks
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