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I am 33 years old and had excess skin on my stomach - Well Worth It! - Virginia Beach, VA

I had an extended tummy tuck on January 23rd. I...

I had an extended tummy tuck on January 23rd. I am now 6 days post op and feeling pretty good. I had prepared myself for severe pain, however found that more than pain what I experienced was severe uncomfortableness. More than anything, the back pain and the tightness of the skin seemed to be the worst. I stayed overnight with a nurse my first night (it was optional) and I feel it was well worth it.

I arrive home Saturday morning and a friend stayed with me the entire weekend to help me out. I would suggest having help for at least the first three days. During the initial day after surgery you will need help getting up and down and walking.

I am 33 years old and had excess skin on my stomach and hips from gaining weight during pregnancy when I was much younger. I am in pretty good health and at an ideal weight. I expected to awake from the surgery in severe pain and did not.

I was numb for hours. Again, I do not think much can prepare you for the uncomfortable feeling that you have from the skin tightness or the back pain. I would just say to prepare yourself for a huge undertaking that is certainly bearable as long as you stick to taking your pain medication as prescribed.

The first 3 days post op seemed to be the most difficult. After that, I slowly began to get up and down by myself, walk more, and just feel better. I think the surgery has such positive results that as long as yo are willing to give up a couple of weeks for the recovery it is well worth it. I also found that sleeping in a recliner for the first 3-4 days really helped.

Iam 27 and have two children. After pregnacy and 85 pound weight loss I have excess skin.I want to do my tummy tuck with lipo on feb 26,09. Really scared and would like some advice on what I should do to prepare. And how long is the recovery?
I had my surgery on Jan 22 and it will be 3 weeks post-surgery tommorrow. I had my surgery on a Thursday and my husband had to drive me to the Drs office for an appt on the following Monday. I was still uncomfortable and not able to drive. The very next day I finally did some driving. I would have someone with you for at least the 3 days after surgery. I had 3 C-sections and the pain was worse than those procedures, but just keep up with your pain medicine and you finally start feeling better gradually. I went to work yesterday - I'm still not moving around as usual but I'm wearing a girdle and a binder - you feel you are in a corset. It will just take time. You need to make meals ahead of time or have the person taking care of you to worry about that. I rented a lot of videos - don't get comedies because you don't want to be laughing too much as it hurts - and watched a lot of TV. But I'm glad I had it done - it's totally changed my appearance and my pants already fit better, even with the binder!! Good luck!
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