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Tummy Tuck SOOO Worth the Pain and $$$

I was always slim but after 3 children, I...

I was always slim but after 3 children, I permanently looked like I was about 7 months pregnant. I had to buy jeans that were way too large for me just to accommodate my stomach. I just gave up and started buying stretchy pants and wearing big shirts. I was only 30 years old and dressing like a grandma. It was very depressing so I looked into a tummy tuck. I didn't have a lot of money to spend so I went to the plastic surgery clinic attached to a medical school in Cincinnati. The fees were reduced because a resident performed the surgery with supervision.

I felt swollen and bloated for several months but I started walking and eating healthier. Once I started losing weight, you could really see the results. Since my surgery 6 years ago, I have lost 45 pounds and I have a very flat stomach. The tummy tuck gave me the incentive to take care of myself and get back into shape. My stomach muscles were never going to be the same without surgery.

The only negative things about the surgery was that I couldn't stand up straight for about two weeks and I was in a lot of pain. Also, my scar is thicker than I would like. Even thought I could wear a bikini now, I have to wear something that comes up higher--almost to my belly button because my scar is so noticeable. Also, the area below the scar protrudes a bit but has gone down since I've lost the weight.

I would definitely recommend having a tummy tuck but make sure you can send the kids to grandma's house for at least a couple of weeks to give yourself time to recover.


I looked online and it appears they now have a clinic in West Chester called UC Health Plastic Surgery. (513) 475-8881

It used to be in the hospital downtown but my surgery was 10 years ago. Things may have changed since then and I'm sure the price has gone up. My only advice is to call the hospital and ask about their plastic surgery options. Wish I could help more...
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I live in Cincinnati and have searched and searched to get a hold of the school to do this-can you help with any contact info. I got an estimate of $8150. I've lost 97 pounds and I'm down to 127 pounds. I have to get this skin off. I'm guessing it weighs at least 5 pounds. I want it gone!
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University of Cincinnati Medical School

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