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Well hello everyone!!! Would like to start by...

Well hello everyone!!! Would like to start by saying I am so glad I found this website :)

So let me tell you a little bit about myself; I am 29 years old with 3 boys (ages 12, 8 & 1) been married for almost a decade. I am 5’ 3” currently 122lbs, not overweight however the damages from pregnancy are definitely visible (no matter how much weight I lose the saggy belly wont go away)…

Pregnancy recaps….Gained around 50lbs during my first pregnancy (needless to say it did a number on my belly). This is when I first discovered the ugly sight of stretch marks…..UGLY is an understatement. Lost all the weight then 4 years later had my second child, this time around I was a lot more careful with my diet and only gained 25lbs (no additional damages were done to my body) …Fast forward to my last baby , with the excuse of “this is my last pregnancy” lord did I eat!!! At my last doctor’s appointment I weighed in at 175lbs which for my height and body structure it’s A LOT of weight to carry around…so the once bothersome stretch marks were stretched even more, and now that I am DONE having babies I am ready to say “bye bye” to the tiger scratches (as my 8 year old calls them) and “bye bye” to the saggy skin.

I know I will still have some stretch marks after the tummy tuck and I am OK with that….After reading so many stories and looking at endless before and after pictures I am trying to prepare myself mentally with realistic expectations...:)

I am planning on having the TT early 2012, have yet to select my PS so if anyone can suggest a doctor in South Florida I would greatly appreciate it! I will be making appointments very soon for my consultations ~ so excited! Will also be posting my before pics soon :)

Hi there, I too will soon be sharing my story. I just scheduled my TT for Feb 6, 2012. I am also 5'3'' but am 40 yrs old. I currently weigh 132 but would like to get to 125 before surgery. I have young boys, 4 and 1 yrs old. I am a little nervous about having such young children while trying to do this as I will not be able to pick up my little one for awhile.
Good luck in your search for your PS. I interviewed 3 board cert docs and settled on one just the other day. Even that process stressed me out!
This site is awesome and I look forward to hearing about your journey!! :)

Hey Julie I am happy you joined us:)  Your poor tummy has been through a war and back!  Good for you in doing this for yourself.  You will love the results.  Many of my stretch marks were removed but I still have a few really low.  But the flat tummy makes it all worth while.

As far as the doctor goes we have many her on RealSelf so I have included the link to the Florida Doctors.  Start here and let us know if you have any questions.  

I am looking forward to following your journey.



Thinking of my first consultation is a little...

thinking of my first consultation is a little scary...being naked and having a stranger mark me up makes me nervous considering this is something ive hidden so long......any suggestions on how to deal with this? how was your first consultation baring it all?

I was mortified standing there is a blue paper thong with all my S%*& handing over the sides, top and back.  OMG I thought I would die when I had to open the robe up,  Seriously this was something I hid from my husband and then a stranger had to look.   Well not really a stranger but you know what I mean.  The worst part was when he lifted the tummy to examine....Hello!  I wanted to crawl under the carpeting.  I had a hot flash!!!

And then the camera and bright lights came out.  I can remember standing there and thinking "Oh just shoot me now".  There was nothing sexy about this moment at all.

Remember that these doctors see this and do this day in and day out.  It's their job and your not the first and won't be the last one they see.  

Try to visualize what you will look like when you go for your 90 day post op.  You can do this and it will be fine.  We have all survived it and happy we went through the process.  

Too bad there is not a way to lay flat on our backs for the consult.  Things look so much better when laying down :)

I felt like a bit of a jackass myself but the doc was very nice and asked if this was my first consult, which it was. I figured he has seen it all and he was very professional. I did not feel like he was judging me at all. He took lots of pics so it did suck having to pose in all my flabby glory. he was very nice and told me I actually have a lot less fat on my stomach than I think. its just so protruding due to severe diastatis that it looks fatter then it is. So that was nice to hear.
I'll tell you, the most stressful part thus far was selecting the doc. I did not go with him even though he was great. I only saw 3 top board cert docs with lots of awards, blah blah blah. And I tell you, it can be hard to decided. Of coarse they are all nice, they want to earn your business. They were all very close in price...I would never bargain shop for plastic surgery but if someone was 2K more than someone else, I would have to consider that but they were all within a few hundred dollars of each other.
So my latest stress is did I pick the right doc...I feel that I did but it is a huge decision. Good luck. :)
My advice is don't overwhelm yourself with too many consults. The general rule is see 3 docs. If you really still feel unsure, maybe see a 4th but more than that and you may drive yourself nuts. :)
Newmomat37: this whole process makes me nervous too but hopeful at the same time...the guilt has kicked in lately more so than nerves though thinking I cld spend tht money on my boys instead ;(...I have around 6 PS in mind, planning on setting up appts for dec....wish me luck ;)!!
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