Tummy Tuck Recovery Left Me with So Many Questions

I am 3 weeks post opp after a tummy tuck. I feel...

I am 3 weeks post opp after a tummy tuck. I feel like I have a new question everyday. I still have muscle aches and my tummy seems to be raised down the middle. I really don't know if that is normal. I've also tore 2 stiches in the middle if my incision. I rinse and dry bandage 4 times a day. This seems to be improving but i hope that it won't take too long.

I have 2 questions. First i want to know if muscle pain is normal and how long it should last. And i would also like to know if the 2 stitches that tore should have been restitched and if my scar will be terrible because of this.

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i feel that i was the cause of my tear not the doctor. When he said 6 weeks of rest i didn't listen. My breast implants look beautiful and natural.

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Hi..I'm also 3 weeks post op. So far, I'm really happy with the results, but my tummy seems to be raised down the middle too, I was told this was normal..it's nothing that is really noticeable, but I think I notice it more because i look at it every day. I can't help you with the stitches question, mine have stayed in place. I do have some muscle aches every now and then too, but nothing that keeps me from getting around fine.
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