Nice Results but General Anesthesia Dangers Should Be Taken Seriously

I was not in dire need of tummy tuck - it was done...

I was not in dire need of tummy tuck - it was done during a surgery to repair a hernia. I think my tummy sticks out more now and of course, there is a hip to hip scar.

I went to an outstanding surgeon repeatedly recommended by every doctor friend we know. He was conservative and careful and yet I nearly died several times under anesthesia, it badly damaged my liver - pretty darn serious.

I have a nice tummy but for me, I think I'd have been fine without it.

This patient's experience indeed underscores the dangers of any surgery. There is no substitute for a thorough medical evaluation before surgery, and a safe, fully accredited operating room with board certified doctors administering anesthesia. For patients with just a hernia and looseness of the fascia, a lesser procedure should also be considered, involving a short incision (not hip to hip) but with full tightening of the fascia up to the breast bone and repair of the hernia, the hybrid abdominoplasty. Brent Moelleken MD FACS Private Practice, Beverly Hills, California Clinical faculty, UCLA
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