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So Nervous....AND Excited - South Africa, ZA

I'm 32 years old. I have been pregnant 3 times...

I'm 32 years old. I have been pregnant 3 times (first pregnancy ended at 20 weeks in miscarriage), I fell pregnant immediately again and now I have two gorgeous kids (7 & 3). But because of the being pregnant for basically 15months the first time - I'm sitting with lots of fat around my belly en stretched muscles. I'm having my full tummy tuck done on 29 May......next week Tuesday. I've experienced that this is the type of operation where you don't get much support from family and friends. They have this "your crazy" attitude. I've tried to ask for help - but it seems that because I "chose" this pain etc I'll have to struggle on my own. Is it only me that feels like this? My husband is very supportive...so I think i'll be okay! But still it hurts! I'm very scared and nervous and would just like someone to talk to....(Please excuse spelling....I'm afrikaans)


About to head 2 1/2 hrs to moms house.Surgery bright and early tomorrow.mom does not believe in technology so I may not be updating till I get back,I will be there for a few days.If I feel like it,I will go out to my sisters who lives next door and update .Anyway,I am thinking of all of you beautiful ladies whethere you have made it to the flat or or waiting to make it...thanks for all of your kind and supportive words and advice.see ya on the flat side!!!!
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hi daar, ek doen my tt, bl en ba op die 7de Junie in Jhb. Waar is jy? Ek het die fout gemaak om my niggie te vertel en die volgende oomblik toe weet die hele familie. Nou gaan ek by elke familie funksie moet vrae antwoord. Niemand is te negatief nie, maar jy kan die kyke agter jou rug voel. In elk geval, ek doen dit nie vir hulle nie, ek doen dit vir myself. My kinders is ook 7 (dogtertjie) & 3 (seuntjie). Ek is net so senuweeagtig. Die ding waarvoor ek die bangste is, is dat ek nie weer wakker word nie. My man sĂȘ ek moet ophou om aan negatiewe goed te dink. Hy is tien ten een reg, ek moet fokus op die positiewe. Soos dat ek desember op die strand kan rondloop saam met my kinders, sonder dat ek selfbewus is oor my pap magie. Sterkte vir die volgende week. Moenie te veel stress nie en spandeer 'n lekker naweek saam met jou gesin. Voor jy jou ogies uitvee is dit alles verby.
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Sounds like you have come to the right place... Everyone on here understands what you are going through on one degree or the other... Everyone is very supportive and helpful... I had the same problem with family ad friends judging me over my decision to do this for myself but I can tell you I am 5 weeks post op and most all of them have come around. Those that haven't I don't pay them any mind... I am so happy with my choice and I feel so much better mentally and physically... I wish you the best of luck and please know that we are all here for support...
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