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Mom of 3 , Finally my TT/ W /MR Day is Scheduled !

Hi everyone I have to say I am so impressed with...

Hi everyone I have to say I am so impressed with the website. I appreciate everyone on here. My tummy tuck is scheduled for Septmeber 24, 2010. I have 3 beautiful children 16,12,and 3. I have always been skinny until I had my first child. The time I had my 3rd I had so much saggy skin infront of me, I couldnt believe what 3 kids 10 lbs and over could do. I have read alot of stories on here and they have been so helpful. .. ( THANKYOU )...Even though I have all different emotions, ecspecially with the date arriving very soon, I am 100% sure. I have to be strong and with the support of my husband and family, I know it will be ok. I have all the testing done on September 17th and I will let everyone know how things are..as soon as I can get to the computer....Thanks Again and God Bless everyone pre-op and post-op...

I will post before and after pics as soon as I can..
Wow, Thanks everyone for everything. I had my tummy tuck finally Sept. 24th and it went well. I am 8 days post op and feeling good. I still have my drains in, the Dr. gave me 2. They are uncomfortable. I am wearing the binder and I am also swollen. They took off 15 pounds of skin. I couldn't believe it. I can really see the difference. When I came home, my 12 year old daughter started crying and said oh my god you look so different, you look skinny! Well how can that make me feel better!! My belly button does look weird, hope it turns out ok. I had a weird color above my stitches are on the belly and was getting really concerned, so I called the ps and also sent him a picture. He said that area has less circulation and may take longer to heal. He had me press on it to make sure it turns white then back to that color and feel the temp of the skin. Everything was fine. I have the binder off today for a few hours because it needed to be washed. I only had to take about 5-6 of the pains meds for the first 3 days and haven't had to take anymore. I'm not in any pain except of course my butt and back, that's it. I can;t wait to take a nice shower !! The drains come out on Tuesday...hooray!! I am so blessed to have found this site, thankyou to everyone and happy healing :)
Hi i would like to know your doctor infomation.Im looking to have my tt asap
Tarrytown Plastic Surgeon

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