Tummy Tuck Surgery for Men

I am a man, 54 years old who had attained a weight...

I am a man, 54 years old who had attained a weight of over 300 pounds.

Over the course of about 2 or 3 years of dieting and daily exercise I reduced my weight to 155lbs (I lost over 150 pounds). This left me with a lot of excess skin around my belly and midsection. Since I didn't want to live with this for the rest of my life, I decided to look into a Tummy Tuck operation.

I did my research and found a qualified plastic surgeon in my area. Then I made an appointment for a consultation. On my drive to the consultation I was thinking:
- will I be naked for the "before" photo?
- all the horror stories that you read about Tummy Tucks going wrong.
- is this guy really a good plastic surgeon?
- will I need liposuction as well?
- have I lost enough weight?
- cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance.
- "Tummy Tuck" is a foolish name to say out loud and abdominoplasty is too hard to remember

The surgeon told me that a Tummy Tuck would be appropriate for as well as a Lateral Thigh Lift. Tummy Tuck is where they cut away and stitch "tight" the sagging skin in be belly area. The Lateral Thigh Lift is where they continue along the sides of the waist and back area and do the same thing to lift the hips and the butt.

Well I proceeded with the surgery, and I am happy that I did. Everything went fine from surgery through recovery. There were no complications. Surprisingly there was no pain involved, only numbness. My only complaint is that I think my belly button is too narrow.

Now I just have to keep the weight off. To keep myself motivated I put my Tummy Tuck experiences on my blog. I also put lots of before and after pictures to help remind me.

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Marisabella, I started out doing any type of exercise that did not "pull" at my mid-section area. I was very careful not to harm the sugical area in any way. Initial exercises (1/2 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon) consisted of stretches and using light weight dumb bells concentrating on my arms, shoulders and legs. Side arm twirls, forward arm twirls, pushups, neck/head turning, various dumb bell exercises and a variety of stretches were some exercises in my routine. I don't remember having any swelling resulting from my exercises. I always exercised to music. I never pushed myself too hard. For me (like a lot of people) if I exercise too hard or too long I will eventualy stop doing it. I tried to keep it easy and enjoyable. I always wore my compression garment when exercising. It was a constant reminder for me to be careful. I never experienced any fatigue or pain from my post operation exercises. I also eat only healthy foods. I haven't had any junk food for many years. The healthy food combined with the exercise seems to do wonders for cholesterol and blood pressure. I don't have any recent photos right now to post. Good luck.
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Hi Tanner- I've followed your blogs posted on this site and others pre-op & post-op. You certainly made me feel better going into this by documenting your progress. I'm now seven weeks post-op and just yesterday i resumed my workout activity. Like you i had to have the full body lift because of the amount of damage that i did to my body during my twenties. I believe you indicated that you started working out on your 4-5th week post-op and that some of swelling did surface from it. Can you tell me - what kind of workouts were you doing? I started with my Wii Active program at Low Impact for begginers and it kicked my butt! lol This comes from a person that ran for 5-8 miles, hiked 2 miles steep rocks, did a spin class for an hour and finished off by doing yoga for another hour... my weekends workout would last all morning about 4hours min. Now, I can't handle (20 mins)because of my surgery and sentsive muscles! Wow! I look forward to hearing from you. Btw, do you have any recent pictures of your progress?
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I have never heard of lipo tightening skin either. Tummy tuck was the only real way that I found for that. As far as the scarring goes, the scars are hid beneath the swimsuit or underwear line and fade with time. But it does take a long time. It has been over 13 months for me and mine are still quite noticeable - but are still fading. To me, the scars are not a big deal. Getting rid of the sagging skin was. After it's gone you feel "tighter" and don't have to worry about the sagging skin swaying when you move or exercise. Clothes fit much better too. I have documented my healing and scarring over time with photographs and have posted them on the web. I don't think I can name my website here but you can probably find it by doing a Google search using the title of my post. It will show you what to expect if you decide to proceed with the operation. Also, the scars associated with the lateral thigh lift portion of my operation are far more noticable than the tummy tuck scars. If you do look at the pictures on the website don't let them scare you off. Some are quite ugly with the stiches and swelling just after surgery. By the way, congratulations on the weight loss and exercising. I know how hard it is.
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I am a 49 year old male and have lost almost 100 pounds over the last 18 months going from 260 to 160lbs. I have been able to firm up the arms, chest, thighs and buttocks with a combination of rigorous weight and cardio exercise and although I am not quite there, I am pleased with the results so far. The abdomen area is my real concern because it has lost the fat but there seems to be nothing I can do with exersize to diminish the extra shin tissue. I've been to several PS's and some have recommended an abdominoplasty while others said that lipo might help some with the skin tightening. I researched and found no real evidence that lipo can tighten that much loose skin. My alternative is the tummy tuck however I am really concerned about the scarring. Can you share your experience with this.
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I am 19 years old, 6'3". I weighed 315 in July 2007. By July 2008 I had reduced my weight to 165 lbs. Needless to say I have a tun of lose skin, and it discourages me so much. I have been lifting weights the past 4 months to try and help, but I only get discouraged more to see my weight increase (from lifting weights) and not seeing results (because of skin). I have my weight up to 180 now, and part of me just wants to give up and drop my weight back down, because it's so hard to watch that number rise - and see nothing from the muscle gains..
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