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Mini Tummy Tuck - Worried About Post-op Recovery Wounds

Had mini tummy tuk. Am now 5 weeks post-op. had no...

Had mini tummy tuk. Am now 5 weeks post-op. had no bruising till 3 weeks developed a bruise the size of a silver dollar. The bruise has since turned to a scab. The area is not swollen and doesn't hurt.

My scar from the tummy tuck is almost non existent. No complications.

Should I be worried that my bruise at 3 weeks post op after mini tummy tuck has turned to a scab? I am now 5 weeks post-op and scab is getting smaller and falking off but is ugly. Should I be worried?
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Was well worth it!! had severe stretch marks and all are gone. Slight pooch that I had is gone.

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That's a good price. I live in Cleveland and I'm trying to find a good surgeon with at a reasonable price. However, I don't want to sacrifice quality for it. I'm really interested in how your results turned out. Please update.
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