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The only downside was the total recovery time. I...

The only downside was the total recovery time. I needed a full two weeks off of work and only took a week. I am sure it varies for everyone. I have a thin build and carried all three of my children straight out in front. The skin on my abdomen was a disaster. I had lost a lot of weight and was in really good shape. I wanted my stomach to reflect the changes I had made. I think that if you are in the best shape at an ideal weight abdominoplasty can have a wonderful result. At six months, I couldn't be more pleased. In addition, the plastic surgeon was one of the best.


Wow how did you manage to go back to work in a week...brave woman! I was still hunched over and crying at two weeks. Whoa! So happy for you and that your results are wonderful. Congratulations...did you take before and after pictures? That was the fun part for me in looking at the changes in my body from month to month. I would have to agree with you about being in shape and at an ideal weight before the surgery. That makes all the difference in the world with optimal results. Even the surgeon needs a little help from the patient:)
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Oh, I so want to see your before and after photos. I bet they're dramatic. Do you have any you'd care to share?

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Can you post pictures? I am actually in the process of finding a doctor. I have a loan ready to go! I have been egerly wanting this for 3+ years. I look in the mirror and pull at my stomach every day!!! I have heard of this doctor too. Also, did the $5,500 include all cost?
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Dr. K is double-board certified and studied/trained in some of the best universities/hospitals in the United States. That makes all the difference.

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