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Tummy Tuck Done 10 Days Ago...

The treatment was excellent from what I can...

The treatment was excellent from what I can recall, I had it done in a hospital with one night stay, I did it because my skin was extremely loose.

I suspect belly button is infected. Help

I don't think this is normal: I had a Tummy Tuck done 10 days ago and there's some clear discharge. That small hole with the yellow inside scares me. I don't have fever, but I suspect it's an infection. I'm really worried. I have been putting some neosporin in the last two days but it feels like it's getting worse. Please help!

They should give you anibiotics(KEFLEX 750mg) for a priod of 7 days for inffection or if not longger.
Call your doctor....asap
I have problems with my belly button after surgery as well. My doctor suggested squirting salt water in it daily. Epson salt is what i used and took awhile but finally healed up. Good luck
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