Tummy Tuck with Devastating Complications

I chose to have a tummy tuck after having 2...

I chose to have a tummy tuck after having 2 children left my stomach with a lot of lose skin and stretch marks as well as a 2" seperation in my stomach muscles.
The procedure was extremely painful, which was not unexpected, but very soon, within a week, I began complaining to my Dr. that I was having a burning sensation in the lower part of my stomach. Every complaint was excused or ignored.

After no satisfaction with my surgeon I began getting other opinions from another surgeon in another town and a pain management doctor in my town. These doctors were pretty certain that I had some sort of nerve damage. I had lidocain injected into my stomach at various points twice with no relief. I am in constant horrible pain. My lower stomach burns like it is on fire all of the time, but the skin is still numb to the touch. I am taking 2 lortabs a day to help with the pain, I have tried lyrica, neurontin, elevil and am now on keppra. all these medications have terrible side effects for me and still have not touched my pain. I am so desperate for help, I would gladly let a surgeon open the incision back up if I could get some resolution, but concensus is that it may make the pain worse or spread to a larger area.

I am 42 years old and Cannot imagine having to live with this for the rest of my life. It has been 19 months of pain and misery and I regret the day that I chose to do this. Yes, my stomach is flat and looks so much better, but I would not trade it for this pain.

I am so sorry this happen to you, hopefully someone will be able to help you. I am getting a tummy tuck in July 09 from a Dr. in Ashland, Ky and if you could please send me an email about your Dr. it would be greatly appreciated. I will keep it private I just want to make sure I am not going to the same Dr.

Hi Eliabeth,

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Thank you both for your comments, I appreciate them. I do not think this nerve damage is that common, because noone in the town I live in, even the pain management specialist who has done nothing but pain management has seen it, the plastic surgeon who performed my surgery said he had never seen it, and I went to get another opinion and said that he'd never had a patient to have it, but had seen it in a few other patients from other doctors. Thus my being referred to the Cleveland Clinic. They have seen it numerous times and said that it was one or several neuromas. To s.h.e. who is considering the tummy tuck....after having that burning sensation experience after your c-section I would think LONG AND HARD about doing the tuck. just from my heart to you, let your mind remember that burning that you felt for that week even though you were drugged up, now imagine that it never went away....that's how I live. I would consult with several, and I mean more than 2 plastic surgeons and explain that this happened to you after your c-section and that you have talked to someone via internet who has this as a permanent complication, could this possibly happen to you. My surgeon took my scar way further around my back than he and I discussed, like there is only 3" that is not cut, and from talking to the numerous doctors and the world renowned specialists in Cleveland when you pass the hipbone line and start taking the incision toward the back there is where the trouble lies, but they are not certain of that. I will tell you this will 100% certainty, having lived with this pain for 19months now and the pain is EXACTLY as you described after your c-section, there is no way that I would do it. But obviously I am going to say that, I've had a horrible outcome, there are, and youve read them, others on this board who are thrilled with their results. My stomach is flat, I was in a size 12 jeans before and now I'm in an 8, my scar looks aweful, again my failure to search out the best plastic surgeon even if I had to drive a few hours to get one. If your one of the lucky ones it's awesome, if your like me, it really sucks, I'm 42 and have the rest of my life to live with this :( I'd be glad to chat with you further as you make your decision. I've not tried to persuade you in any directionh, just letting you seeing it from another view, which is rarely shown. Best of luck to you!!!
Dr. Brian Rogers

As it became evident that there was a complication from the surgery, my surgeon simply dismissed my complaints and never tried to help me with any resolution to the problem. Also, my scar is wide, and not straight and much longer than he and I agreed to before the surgery.

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