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Trying to Decide Which Dr. I Should Go to and Should I Do It Here NY or Go to Dominican Republic?

Hello, I have read many of your stories and so I...

Hello, I have read many of your stories and so I decided to share my doubts perhaps you guys can help me. I started thinking about a tummy tuck years ago, after I had my daughter(she's now 6) but I put it off because I assumed I'd have another baby....anyway turns out no more babies and now I'm searching for a PS to have this done with...are there any good, good doctors in NY??? I was told by a co worker to go to Dr. Nelson Rubio, she says he's the best and he will do the surgery at a hospital not a clinic. But doing my research I have read a lot of great things about Dra. Walkiria Robles and Dra. Yily De Los Santos. Do you guys have any advise??? I. Still waiting on a quote from these doctors...please help I'm not sure what to do. Specially since I would be going to a foreign country most likely alone, it's a very hard decision...


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With Miami surgeons you have to be careful also. Just because their malpractice lawsuit is clean does not mean that they never had them. Down here in Miami surgeons will mess you up and if you go to a lawyer they will try to convince patients that they do not have a case, so sometimes the patients do not file.
And also surgeons are getting rid of their malpractice insurance so just in case they do mess up you will not get much.
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I've been researching for 8 years... I know people from all over the country who got surgery done in all different places. I'm from NY and I love it but thats the last place I would ever get surgery. I'm sure that there's some doctor in NY who is really good but he's probably hiding under a rock and the prices are rediculas.The best places to travel in the US for surgery is Florida and California. California caters to more white woman but they do really good jobs. Florida, especially Miami has alot of really good doctors cause they know what a womans body is suppose to look like and they do all ethnicities but it's expensive and California is even more expensive. If I had to choose to get my surgery done in the US it would be in Miami hands down! I know I would get exactly what I wanted. But I can't afford it! So I'm going to the Dominican Republic. It's safer and cheaper than Mexico. & Brazil and Columbia is too far and the overall cost would cost just as much as the US. Also keep in mind that not all doctor do all procedures well. Some may be good at implants and some may be good at tummy tucks. This is just my opinion. Do what's right for you!
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