Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation Still Swollen/numb at 10 Weeks

I had my surgery on July 6th. I was scared to...

I had my surgery on July 6th. I was scared to death. I had tummy tuck and Breast Aug. I had 4 pregs in 5 years. My first was stillborn at 38 weeks and I have two boys 2 yrs and 4 years and I had a miscarrage last August. So my body has been through alot. I had a lot of extra skin and strech marks.

I wanted to have a tummy tuck since I had my first child. I love my breasts and My stomach looks pretty good compared to how I looked prior to surgery. I just am very swollen an I feel like I have a small bump in my stomach. I know its still early but my stomach is just so sensitive it hurts when I touch it. My doctor said its normal and I wouldn't get my full results until about 6 months to a year.......

Overall I'm happy and i would do it over again if I had too.....

Hang in there the swelling will get better as u go along. All the best with the rest of ur healing process
I just read about the bump thing this morning it is a collection of fat cells that will smooth out over time so its part of the healing process. Some people get it some don't. I know it is upsetting because we went through so much already and not able to enjoy are results. Thats why these sites are good we can support each other through are journey
Hi Daniq, this swelling is pretty normal as far as healing goes. I am five months out and still swell in the center of the belly. Also have a lump above the belly button and still numb. I was told that it can take 6 - 12 months to totally heal. Just hang tight and it will get better.
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