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I am very happy with the results of my tummy tuck....

I am very happy with the results of my tummy tuck. Procedure done August 2003. Able to dress without tucking in the streched skin from 4 pregnancies. The first time in my life I have stomach muscles. Added benefit I wasn't planning on, no more back aches and pinched nerves in my back and shoulders. I feel like I have better posture too. I found my surgeon by asking my doctor for referrals. As far as pain, I have a high tolerance to pain so I can't really judge. I had it done outpatient at a surgery center and was driving 2 days later. I only used extra strength tylenol for the discomfort. the scars are better as time goes on. A mini-tuck wasn't an option for me, I was stretched from above my belly-button to the top of my thighs. My hip to hip tuck scar is much prettier than all that skin. The self-esteem boost alone from this surgery was well worth it.
Someone else here asked what dr and exact procedure you had, could you tell me as well please? The price seems below everyone else!
I love that, "my hip to hip scar is much prettier than all that skin"!! I've been thinking about a TT for a long time but worry about the scar. You are so right tho, congrats on your new body!!

hi im interested in knowing the doctor where u went and the full details on your surgery. if possible call me @ {edited}

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