I have to admit it was the worst pain of my life....

I have to admit it was the worst pain of my life..I didn't know when it was going to end..and my dr. said tummy tucks are the most painful of all plastic surgeries.

I am now 10 days post op and I would now..today..say I recommend it. I just didnt know when the pain would be over, and I would stand up straight. I have heard some stories of people saying it was horrible, but it seemed like those stories came from those in their older (but wiser) years ;) I however am 26 with 2 beautiful children and it was so far the best thing I have done! I have also had a breast reduction at the age of 17.


How come there are no pictures anywhere of his work? Not on his site (no gallery at all) and not here where patients should be posting reviews / results?
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where is your dr. located in fort lauderdale, I will like to give him a call?
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Oh how great for you and thanks for posting,I have lost over a 100 pounds and am now looking for a surgeon in my area so I will be giving him a call.
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Lake Mary Plastic Surgeon

The best care I have ever received, the nicest, and most knowledged I have ever met. The dr was awesome as well as the staff!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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