Tummy Tuck and Mini Lipo Looks Awesome, but Still Hurts Post 6 Weeks.

I'm a 44 year old, 6 weeks post full tummy tuck...

I'm a 44 year old, 6 weeks post full tummy tuck and lower body mini lipo. I may be unique since I have had 3 previous abdominal surgeries and had a giant scar that had to be removed, but I'm still hurting quite a bit. As much as I did from any of the other surgeries one of which included some bowel removal.

I love the work, but I think I'm healing more slowly than I should. I keep wondering if I've done something to cause the pain to last longer. My Surgeon did do a great job, it looks better than I imagined, but does anyone know when the pain is "really" supposed to stop or at least be minimal? I'm on over the counter pain relief without the relief.

Dr Richard Green

Great bed side manor, incredible work!!!

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I am almost 5 weeks post op. I am still "uncomfortable" and expect to be this way for a bit longer. The pain at the beginning is gone but I am more "sore" now. And like you, w/ out relief from OTC medicine. I find that if I walk (on the treadmil), I am sore at night but it helps how I feel the next day. I am also finding that if I drive for a longer period I am sore, and I have an office job, and by 2-3 pm I am done. My body hurts. BUT my doctor told me this would be the case for at least 2 months. I would call your doctor and see if he is concerned. Good luck!
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Glad to hear you're pleased with your tt. I am at the point of contemplating. Saw a doctor this week. I was drawn to your story since you mentioned your pre-existing scar. I have two scars as well. One from a laporotomy and then a very large appendectomy. Both are vertical. Did you tt surgery remove all your previous scar? Would you be willing to post before and after pictures or at least email them to me? Thanks and hope you continue to feel better and better every day.
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Beth, I had a 4-5 inch vertical hysterectomy scar from just below my navel all the way into my hairline. My doctor removed the entire scar during my tummy tuck last week.
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Thanks for sharing your experience with your scar removal. One of my scars sounds exactly like yours. Like I said, I had the one from the laporatomy and that one runs from right below my bb to about an inch or so above my hairline. The appentomy is not quite that large but is to the right of it. Probably 2 inches shorter or so. The doctor I had a consultation thought that he could remove the entire laporatomy but did warn me that there may be an inch or so left due to how far he can stretch my skin. How are you feeling one week after?
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Beth, I posted pictures yesterday. I am 10 days post-op and thought I was looking great until I went back to see the pictures online!! YIKES!!! I sure will be glad when I can abandon the binder and wear summer clothes!! As you can see from the frontal view, my hysterical-ectomy scar is totally removed. My husband is amazed! Actually, so is my doctor. Good luck and keep me posted on your decision. Oh, yes, my story is posted under "10 days post-op - After pictures, finally".
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