Need Advice! Scared! But Anxious!

I am scheduled for october 6th! I am not finding...

I am scheduled for october 6th! I am not finding enough positive stories :/ I am worried about a prolonged recovery. I have a very good pain tolerance... and honestly, my biggest concern is a lot has happened at my job over the past month and I really can only get about 12 days off for recovery! I am wondering if I should reschedule for January... But I have been waiting forever for this! I had twins in 2004.... gained 115 lbs. Lost ALL THE WEIGHT (YAY!!) and you can imagine the leftovers! I finally got the nerve to get a consult and convinced myself that this is something I am entitled to!! :)

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It's definitely not a breeze at all. This is a big deal, for sure. But as long as you know to expect pain, discomfort and swelling and get psyched up for that, that should help. In the end, almost everyone is glad to have done it.

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I am with you Bella.... the people I talk to who DID have it done also say it is FINE! One went back to work within the time frame I am hoping too as well. I am going to go for it...!
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Good ;-) I will follow your journey and pray you have great results!
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I am scheduled to have my tummy tuck in late October and I am scared to death! I spent today reading tummy tuck horror stories (big mistake!) and keep going back and forth on whether or not I should cancel. I just want to have a good outcome with zero complications and no pain, is that too much to ask? LOL! I know that is unrealistic and nothing is 100% when it comes to any surgery. I want this so bad but do not want to risk my life or quality of life. Hopefully I can read more positive stories to give me the courage to go through with this. I've had 3 friends go through the procedure and all of them say that they would do it again in a heartbeat. What if I am that one out of 4 with a horrible experience? Oh these thoughts are plaguing me constantly! Good luck with whatever decision you make. We'll see what happens with me. So far, I am staying the course.....
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Yes, they say "worth it!" But then read their journals... YIKES! I will read that guide for sure! The thing that throws me off, the few people I have talked to that I know say it is a breeze, but then to read some journals on here - scares me to death!
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First of all, congrats on your weight loss! That is fantastic.

If you notice at the top of the screen, Tummy Tuck has a worth it score of 93% as of today. That means almost all the stories are positive! Are you looking for certain types of stories in particular? If so, let me know and maybe I can guide you to them.

It's a long road with an extended recovery time, but almost all the women love their results.

You might want to start by reading Kimmers' Tummy Tuck Survival Guide. It's a great read with lots of important info.

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