Tummy Tuck - I have a 5 month old baby who left me with hanging skin. - Dallas, TX

I Had TT 3/20/09 it was the best thing I could've...

I Had TT 3/20/09 it was the best thing I could've ever done for myself. I have a 5 month old baby who left me with hanging skin.

The first few days were the worst. I was unable to walk straight and the pain/drains were terrible. I'm 3 weeks post op feel great and Love my results so far can want until I'm totally healed. But I will recommend surgery to all who are thinking about it.

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Who was ur PS?
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who was your PS?
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Mimitumy tuck & small Lipo, It's only been my third week at the moment, Not yet see any good result to comment the post op. Cause I was not over weight, I'm fit and work out daily before the surgery, and the reason I did it bc after four children, eventhough I'm small and fit, I still have some excess skin on my lower tummy that excercise won't help me flatten it. I'm one of those not so lucky when it comes to elastic skin that could shring it right back to my original tummy. After each birth, I left with lots of steghtmarks and shagging skin, luckily, I was able to keep myself small and skinny. Anyway, I need an advise, this is my third week, and I don't carry anymore drainage, but since my doctor took the drainage off, I keep getting this liquid and made my stomatch bulging on my lowyer part of the tummy, I'm worry that if this is the case, will it make my new tummy have excess skin again?" I went to my dr. to have it drain three time now in 7days, but each time right after he drained out, the next hours it came the fluiden agian. And my dr. said I have to keep coming back to have it drain until it's all gone. Is that natural, will I get streght marks ? My doctor didn't put any tape on my cut anymore, it was off after the third day, should I ask him to put some tape to help flatten my cut? thanks everyone, any suggestion is greatly appreciated!
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