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I had it done because ive had 2 children also been...

i had it done because ive had 2 children also been steralized and 2 yrs ago i had a hysterectomy and it left a large scar down the middle of my stomach and also mt muscles were gone doesnt mater how much i tried to exercise i couldnt get a flat tummy.

Hello i had a tummy tuck done on March the 6th 3 weeks later i was told i had a seroma the doctor drained it for me he used 4 large syringes i was told the rest owuld go away by itself now 8 weeks later my right hand side is still swollen above the stiches i my tummy is not as flat as i thought it would be is this normal i really wanted a lovely flat tummy i am so upset ive to go back on June the 15th i feel hes not bothered with me.

Updated on Aug 27, 2009
i had a tummy tuck about 6 months ago i have started to go out again and i watch what i eat but like my lager at the weekend i feel i am swelling up round my bust and my back could this be due to my lymph glands being blocked i dont drink all the time and am worried why my bra is getting tight on me after i have paid for this operation !

my lymph glands seem to be swelling up after my tummy tuck is it the lager at the weekend i feel my bra is getting tight never had that before i am getting worrried

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Well all i can do is spk for my self my waist was bigger and my right hand side had a seroma it was all swollen i am now 3 months after my op and its only now going down i was only drained once and i feel my doctor didnt care i hear people saying they went back nearly every week till it went away i havent seen my surgeon since April i am going back next week for the first time i feel he hasnt pulled my skin tight enough
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Interested in your post I am due a TT on 18th September,mainly for stretch marks, am terrified. Having it done in Glasgow. Hopefully you can giveme some tips.
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I'm confused ladies... is it the swelling that is causing it to look so big? Is your tummy still healing?
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Hi Lola4 my doc said to me i wouldnt have a stomach like a 14 yr old but it would be flat but its mostly on my right hand side where the seroma was and when i sit down it looks worse its like a jelly i am really upset to think i paid 5000 pounds for this and its not what i expected he doesnt seem to care now hes got his money
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Please post some pics.
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It's most likely fat. I have the same thing and they told me to have LIPO. I thought I would be super Flat after but have a ledge just above my scar. The PS said it's fat. LIPO is the way not another TT.
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